Is the Devon Rex Right For You?

If you want a fun loving cat who never seems to grow old...

Cornish Rex

  If you've always wanted a monkey, then you may just want to take a look at the charming Devon Rex cat breed. These playful, good natured little cats have been frequently compared to monkeys and mischievous children.

These cats have oversize ears, enormous eyes and a slightly pug nose. This combination of features makes the Devon look like a naughty fairy tale creature or a fun loving monkey. This breed is on the small side, weighing in at a delicate six to nine pounds. However, there is nothing delicate about the breed's build. These cats have powerful, compact bodies and are actually quite sturdy despite their small size.

The Devon Rex is not prone to serious health problems. This is because breeders have been extremely careful to introduce additional cats into the gene pool by crossbreeding the Devon to both American and British Shorthairs, which are two very sturdy and healthy breeds.

Since this breed has a coat that is much less heavy and thick than the coats of most other cats, it is no surprise that the Devon Rex is a cuddler. These cats love to snuggle up on the nearest available lap in the evening and will often crawl right under the covers to stay warm at night. Although you may think the Devon has a higher body temperature than other cat breeds when you feel the heat that one of these cats emit, this breed just feels warmer to us because there is less hair covering its body. Even a full grown Devon can have such a thin coat that some parts of the cat are almost hairless. In fact, kittens developing an adult coat may end up completely bare as they shed their old coat.

If you are looking for a placid, well behaved cat that is content to meet you at the door when you come home from a hard day's work, then the Devon Rex is not the right choice for you. These cats will get into more trouble than a houseful of other cats when they are left alone for long periods of time. Since Devons are also the chow hounds of the cat world, this cat breed's naughty antics often involve food left on the kitchen counters. Your Devon will insist on helping you put away groceries or prepare meals. In fact, since these cats like to help their owners do everything, don't be surprised if your Devon insists on riding around on your shoulder as you tidy up the house.

Since this breed has such a light coat, you do not need to do much in the way of grooming. You may want to use a grooming glove to remove loose hair once a week. Instead of bathing your Devon Rex, you may want to just wipe him down with a damp cloth once a month to avoid having him become chilled.

If you want a fun loving cat who never seems to grow old, then the Devon Rex may just be the perfect breed for you and your family.






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