Discover the Exotic Egyptian Mau

If you want a cat that looks wild, but is actually a sweet and loving animal...

Egyptian Mau

  If you've always wanted to own a wild cat, you may want to take a close look at the Egyptian Mau. This cat, which is descended from cats that lived in ancient Egypt, is closely related to the African Wild Cat. When you look at a Mau, you are looking at the same spotted wild cat that the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt domesticated and kept as pets and objects of worship.

Surprisingly enough, this descendant of the Egyptian cat did not reach the United States until the nineteen fifties, when an exiled member of the Russian royalty brought her Maus with her to the United States. For several decades, her two cats were the ancestors of all Maus in North America. However, recently, concerned breeders finally imported additional cats to prevent hereditary diseases and to widen the gene pool.

The Egyptian Mau is on the small side, weighing in at a lightweight five to eleven pounds. This breed has a wedge shaped head that looks a bit small for its muscular, sturdy body and a graceful tail that is approximately two thirds the length of its body. These cats have small, dainty paws and move with a jungle cat's walk. The recognized colors are smoke, silver tabby, and bronze tabby. All of these cats have a spotted appearance. Occasionally, black cats are produced, but they cannot compete in the Cat Fancier's Association's Championship classes. The shape of the Mau's eyes and mouth give it a slightly startled and worried appearance, but this cat is actually quite a happy go lucky breed. Interestingly enough, these cats actually look as though they have kohl rimmed eyes, just as the ancient Egyptians did.

If you are not found of mewling cats, you will enjoy the Mau's vocalizations. This breed communicates with a noise that sounds like a little chuckle instead of a cat's normal mewling. This quiet, pleasant sound makes this breed the perfect apartment pet. In addition, these cats actually wag their tails in a dog like manner when they are happy.

Maus love their families and are very protective of them and devoted to them. These intelligent cats are very playful and need to have plenty of toys to keep them happy. If you cannot spend a lot of time with your cat, you may want to add a second cat to the home. This breed's loyal and affectionate nature makes it ideal for multiple cat households.

Since this is a shorthair breed, you do not have to spend a great deal of time grooming your cat. However, you should plan to groom him at least once a week to remove loose hair and debris. You may also want to bathe him once a month to control dander. Since cats can develop serious health problems from tooth decay and tartar, you should also accustom your cat to having his teeth brushed several times a week.

If you want a cat that looks wild, but is actually a sweet and loving animal, then you may want to consider owning an Egyptian Mau.






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